Karina Chavez (Green) -- 2nd Grade Writing Practice Materials & Examples of Student Writing!!!

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The OLiVe Writing Organizer (Organization, Length, Vocabulary)

Because it's problematic to focus on correctness in on-demand writing, we added Organization (which corresponds to WIDA's focus on coherence." This form supports focus on those three features of EL writing.

Word Version

PDF Version

WIDA-Based Writing Test Practice Organizer sheets (with coaching tips) ...

an individual student and a full-class form for organizing teacher coaching notes.

Then down below here are the same files in Word format for you to modify.

Examples of Content-Related Prompts for Hiawatha PLC

My (slowly) growing collection of WIDA-similar Minnesota K-12 Content Standards-based Writing & Speaking Prompts: http://tiny.cc/accessPrompts

Kindergarten Geography: How do you know this is a city?
3rd-Grade: Measuring Mass

4th-Grade: Halloween Candy Fractions

Quick and easy to use scoring rubric for W-APT prep

Lynette Strandness' wonderful tool for helping writers self-assess

Lynette Strandness & Rita Platt's 4th grade WIDA/6-Traits Rubric

Alicia LaCroix's Writing Checklist: This is a six part writing checklist used to help students self-assess their writing.

Amber Schlueter's Conferring Checklist: This is a writing rubric that combines 6 traits, state standards, WIDA writing levels, and Lucy Calkins Writers Workshop that my co-teachers and I developed for 2nd grade.