Using for ACCESS 2.0 Practice

If anyone wants the johnwolfe3rd password so you can log on and listen to the submitted student examples,

==email me at and I'll share it.


Hey, all, I’ve designed a WIDA 2.0 “Practice Environment” – a website that allows us to create and have students complete ACCESS 2.0-style speaking and writing activities.

You can learn about it in three ways: by web video, by just jumping, or by reading my explanation.

  1. 1. WEB VIDEO. I made a video to explain how to use the site: -- and if you watch the video, you can skip the rest of the email.

  1. 2. Jump In and Do the Prompt as a Student. Or you can just jump in and try to do the prompt as a student. It’s fairly intuitive.

    To experience the prompt as a student, go here -- --and select the “ACCESS Practice” as the class and the Scary Movie prompt. Then …
  • o Click on the blue speech bubbles to hear the questions.
  • o Click on the white bubblesto start recording your responses. (It will blink orange while it’s recording). Click the bubble again to finish recording.
  • o Once you’ve recorded, the white bubble turns orange.
    • § To hear your response, click on that now-orange bubble.
    • § To re-do your response, click the little orange x on the side of the bubble.
    • § If you’re okay with your response, just move on to the next question.
  • o When you’re all done, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the prompt. The site will ask you for your name and an email address. (The email address can be fake.)_

  1. 3. The Written Explanation.
Here are the benefits. The “” prompts allow students to:
  • View WIDA style prompts (pictures, diagrams, whatever),
  • Listen to narration and spoken questions (in this case, recorded by the teacher),
  • and record a response.

That’s just like the ACCESS 2.0. The bonus is that using this site, students can also….
  • Listen to their own recorded responses immediately after making them (i.e., check their responses), and
  • Re-do them if they choose.

The actual test does NOT allow that – but for practice, it’s essential.

I’m developing a “WIDA Speaking Prompt Practice Tool.” I used the website (which is basically designed for oral assessments in foreign language and ESL classes.)

It’s an online prompt that your students can get to over the Internet without creating an account. (You give the students the link to your account page – like this – and they can start doing the prompt and recording their responses immediately – without signing in or anything. It’s amazing. (Cuz it sucks to have to create a million billion student accounts and then a million passwords and everyone always forgets their account names and passwords …)

I figure students can’t really practice this type of “voice-recorded answers” if they can’t ever hear their own answers. So, basically, this is a do-over, practice area environment for WIDA-type speaking prompts. (FYI, after the “class” responds, I can log on to my teacher account and view/listen to all the responses. )

My example (using a that Scary Movie Costs/Benefits prompt) is here:

acprac1.gifIf you have a minute and you feel like it, take a look at this and try to make a response and then submit it. I’m trying to use the online Language Teaching tool to create a picture-supported, WIDA similar prompt.

A couple how-to’s:

To hear the TEACHER Narration, click on the blue speech bubble.

To make your spoken response, click on the white speech bubble. (Or maybe it’s got a little guy inside.)
  • acprac2.gifWhile it’s recording, the bubble will flash orange.
    • To stop recording, click the bubble again .
    • When you’re done, the bubble will turn solid orange.
    • If you click the orange bubble, you can hear your own response.
    • If you want re-record your response, click on the little orange X next to the bubble.

When finished with all three questions, then submit your response, hit the SUBMIT button at the bottom, then you’ll type your name and an email address. And that’s it.

Oh, for my class, go here: and then click on “ACCESS Speaking Practice” (the only class I have).

BTW, I have a $39 a year “Educator Premium Account” – that allows me to make 50 different “exercises” (or assignments of whatever length I want.) But you might start with the Free Account, which lets you create six “assignments.”


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