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Can parents view student written responses on the ACCESS?

The short answer is I don't know yet.

This analysis of FERPA (The "Family Education Rights & Privacy Act" suggests
that they should be allowed to.

Here's the information sheet and form for the State of Washington Office of Public Instruction for
parents to make the request to look at the test questions and the student responses. (Washington is an
ELPA state, not an ACCESS state ..)

The security measures are crazy, though.
  • Two District employees must be present.
  • The parent has one hour to look at the test.
  • They can't take any notes.

The point is that they really don't want anyone looking at those tests.

Regardless, it's probably not cricket to use this as a way for teachers to sneak a look at the ACCESS Writing scoring process. (It's problematic, though, because that means that WIDA's scoring process is almost completely unverifiable.)

WIDA Similar prompts

(with example answers, etc.)

for Gr 8 Science Standard on tectonic plate movement& geo events.



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