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Narrated PowerPoint

Data-Based Motivating PPt Presentation

Narrated Data-Based Motivating PowerPoint Presentation--30 minutes

Drive, Daniel Pink

RSA Animate video with Daniel Pink explaining what new research tells us about the nature of motivation

Goal Setting

Goal Setting
Link to information and templates for helping students set goals

Data Notebooks

Data Notebooks
AMAZING site with videos of teachers talking about data notebooks in grades 1 through 5

More on Data Notebooks

Templates for making data notebooks

WIDA Progress Monitoring

WIDA Progress Monitoring
Links to Rita & John's progress-monitoring for ESL page--new, easy-to-use system, hot off the presses!

Easy CBM

Free, normed progress-monitoring passages


Free, normed progress-monitoring passages


Free rubric-making software

Book Adventure

Free AR-type reading quizzes

Maze Generator

Free MAZE (like CLOZE) generator

Rita's Web Page

Links to Rita's school webpage...filled with AWESOME links for kids, teachers, and parents

We Teach We Learn

Check out Rita's articles on We Teach We Learn...maybe you want to write too?
  • "Slant" it! An Alternative to the Flipped Classroom for Practical Teachers
  • "Two-Column Notes" The Twin Pilllars Supporting Reading and Writing of Non Fiction Text
  • Five Things I Finally Understand about Teaching and Learning
  • Beyond the Kidney Table: The New Role of the Specialist

YET: The most powerful word in education

YET: Growth Requires Work
Great article on the power of reminding kids that growth requires work

Carol Dweck: Mindset

Carol Dweck talking about her theory of Mindset

You Can Grow Your Intelligence

You Can Growth Your Intelligence
Dweck article written for students about the brain as a muscle and the "growth mindset"

Rita's Article on Text Complexity

Text Complexity
Don't throw out your leveled libraries just yet!