NYU Steinhardt's University ALBATEC Project
A collection of bilingual academic glossaries from NYU Steinhardt's ALBATEC project -- a collection of downloadable bilingual glossaries for grade school and high school Math, Science and Social Studies classes.

Reading A - Z
Pay-for-use site with AWESOME Spanish materials. Many MPS sites have a license. Check with your literacy coach!

Ed Helper
Cheap pay-for-use site with Spanish materials.
Hmong Names
Hmong first and last names of MPS students, ranked by popularity (check back for audio files).

4/23/2012 PowerPoint Introduction for Bilingual PLC

District Info on Focused Instruction with IDEL-relevant requirements

District Info on Standards of Effective Instruction with IDEL-relevant requirements highlighted.

IDEL Benchmark Goals for Three Assessment Periods Per Year
The DIBELS IDEL Technical Report
A Link to the IDEL Technical report
Introducing STAR Reading Spanish
A Link to information on the Renaissance Learning's
STAR Reading Assessment in Spanish
Spanish Intervention Resources
LOTS of free Spanish language intervention materials. Scroll all the way to the bottom, some of the best stuff it there!
LEF Books
LEF Books are great CHEAP (many are even free except for S & H) guided reading materials in Spanish and English.
CBM for ELs
Great powerpoint by Dr. Laura Saenz on the benefits (and cautions) of using CBMs with ELs...BONUS: EL & RTI
E-Books in MANY languages
A free library of online e-books to read with children. There are thousands of books in many languages.
HELPS (Leamos Para Avanzar)
Totally FREE Spanish language reading tutoring program.