My Email to the ESL & Bilingual Teachers the Day the Minnesota Senate Passed the "Path to Prosperity" (Dream) Act.

This is what I wrote to the teachers I support -- and if you're looking at this page, it's also meant for you. John

Laura Byard and Ina Ziegler's Presentation: Sentence Frames from Two Perspectives

Breakthroughs & Heresies (2013)

From 2012 article, "What We Know About Second Language Acquisition: A Synthesis From Four Perspectives"

Effective L2 teachers demonstrate sufficient L2 proficiency, strong instructional skills, and proficiency in their students’ L1;

Do It Yourself Professional Development

"Hack Your PD"
Great article about taking control of your own professional development.

MPS Moodle Site
Free Moodle courses on co-teaching, formative assessment, differentiated instruction, standards-based teaching, & strategies that work
Shaping the Way We Teach
Free videos, materials, and readings from the University of Oregon

Larry Ferlazzo's English Website
INCREDIBLE wealth of resources for all teachers

Learn Spanish FREE!
Destinos: 52-Part free video series on learning to speak Spanish!

Visible Learning & Visible Learning for Teachers
Educational researcher, John Hattie's, synthesis of the data from 800 meta-analysis on teaching and learning. Widely considered to be the Holy Grail of teaching.

Rick's Reading Workshop
AMAZING resource for anyone using or thinking about using a workshop model for teaching reading.

You gotta try it!

We Teach We Learn
Great new site for educators to learn and/or publish.

Professional Development Institute
Low cost college credit online. Rita's courses (Response to Intervention, Reading Intervention in the Middle Grades, Reading Workshop in the Middle Grades, Common Core Standards in Reading Grades K, 1, or 2, Designing Webquests, Fundamentals of English Language Development)

SLA vocabulary page.

Reading List
John & Rita's MUST read list.

*National Board Certification
BEST professional development EVER!

Common Core Standards
GREAT "cheat sheet" for the standards (Learning Targets) and progressions (Learning Progressions) from Darke County SD, Ohio.

Individualized & All Together: Whole Class Instruction Using Differentiated Texts

Individualized & All Together: Whole Class Instruction Using Differentiated Texts

The PowerPoint for the MDE Conference, Friday, May 2, 2:00 session.

Brief reading on Allington's findings about "easy" texts.

Brief reading on Calderon's research on long-term EL learners.

Sample text.

Reading A to Z
Pay for use site for differentiated texts.

Ed Helper
Pay for use site for differentiated texts.

Online Text Utility Tool
Tool for leveling texts.