Using Google Drive to Host

Video & Commentary

This is rough -- but it appears to do everything we need. Through a combination of Google Drive and Google Sites, we can

  1. host and play video,
  2. enter and record commentary
  3. share the video footage with colleagues, students, and parents

In addition, with iPads, we can use a camera app that loads directly into Google Drive.

Tech Sheet 1:

Using iPads to collect speaking evidence #1 (the Fussy Gogle Drive App method.)

It turns out that this process is a little fussier than we want. I'll supplement this with information on iPad camearas that will "flow through" in the same way.

The App that will SAVE you...

Tottepost Lite

While it's still a little kludgy, this fee app for the iPad is what's going tos ave you ...from the diva-like behavior of recording through Google Drive.